A Shapeshifter demon with the ability to transform into anyone he chooses. Little is known of Abet except that he preys upon victims in dark alleyways and has a range of other demonic powers.

Quick FactsEdit

Species: Demon
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Black
Notable Powers: Shapeshifting

Killed by the DoganEdit

In 2005, a collector of powers known as the Dogan sought to kill Abet for his Shapeshifting power. The Dogan and his minion tracked Abet to an alley he preferred to attack in and awaited the demon to appear.

However, Billie Jenkins was tracking the Dogan and she tried to vanquish the demon while they were awaiting Abet. But she was struck by a memory of a similar demon that appeared to be the Dogan and she was unable to vanquish him. Billie had no option but to run off when the Dogan pulled her vanquishing potions away from her. The Dogan and his minion then dematerialized as they waited for Abet to appear.

Abet showed up in the alley in the guise of a young woman, but the Dogan knew who it really way, and he pinned the demon against a wall. Abet then transformed into his normal self and the Dogan killed him and absorbed his power.

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