The Spirit Killer disguised as a doctor Black Orbing

Confined to the Darklighter breed of evil, Black Orbing is a form of Teleportatation similar to that of that Whitelighter's form of Orbing, however, instead of materializing and dematerializing in a swarm of white orbs, black orbs are formed. Triggered by the desire to teleport, the power offers quick escape if threatened by the forces of Good.

Notable Darklighters Displaying the PowerEdit


The first Darklighter encountered by the Halliwell sisters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe, Alec was desperate to be with a woman, Daisy who was a future Whitelighter, but when Daisy refused Alec's advances, heturned on her and attempted to kill her. Leo Wyatt however led Daisy to the Halliwell's and displayed the power of Black Orbing to escape defeat. In the end the sisters were able to destroy Alec and save Daisy.

Spirit KillerEdit

Using Telepathic Suggestion to manipulate a victim into committing suicide, the Spirit Killer was a Darklighter that targetted a young woman known as Maggie Murphy. He displayed the power to Black Orb after using his telepathic ability but he was quickly defeated by by both Prue Halliwell and Leo Wyatt after he tried to manipulate Prue Halliwell into suicide.

Parallel World Leo WyattEdit

In a universe parallel to ours exists a world where everything is the opposite of ours, good is evil, evil is good, right is wrong and wrong is right. In this world, Leo Wyatt is not a Whitelighter but rather a Darklighter possessing the ability to Black Orb.

Other DarklightersEdit

The Charmed Ones encountered many other Darklighters over the years who displayed the power of Black Orbing including one that was hired by Gideon, an Elder, in an attempt to take down Leo Wyatt.


A hybrid of a Darklighter and a Witch, Darklighter-Witches also display the power of Black Orbing.

Paige Matthews, and Wyatt & Christopher HalliwellEdit

In the same parallel world where Leo Wyatt lives as a Darklighter, the Charmed Ones are evil, and rather than being a Whitelighter-Witch, Paige Matthews is a Darklighter-Witch possessing Black Orbing and Telekinetic Black Orbing. But not only is Paige a Darklighter-Witch, but as are Wyatt and Christopher Halliwell.

Telekinetic Black OrbingEdit

Possessed by Paige Matthews in the Parallel World, Telekinetic Black Orbing is similar to her real world power of Telekinetic Orbing but instead of surrounding objects in white orbs, they are surrounded in black orbs. She displayed the power when she and the real world Paige were attempting to take each other in the parallel world where she attempted to orb a large stone at the good Paige.

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