Before creating an infobox for a person, place or object, please choose a color in accordance with the below chart. This is to ensure all species, locations, etc are set to the same color to promote professionalism and continuity on this wiki. Simply highlight color code, copy and then paste in infobox.

Color Scheme for Character/Location/Object Infoboxes (replace the 'color' parameter with one of these codes)
Color Alignment
#9966FF The Charmed Ones (I.E. Piper Halliwell)
#6B0FD1 The Halliwell Family (I.E. Victor Bennett)
#FFFF00 Witches (I.E. Max Franklin)
#6596BF Whitelighters (I.E. Leo Wyatt, Natalie)
#3300CC Elders (I.E. Sandra)
#8B0000 Demons (I.E. Belthazor)
#663300 Warlocks (I.E. Gregory Rowe, Eames)
#3060D0 Spells
#48D1CC Powers
#2F4F4F Mortals
#8FBC8F Spirits/Ghosts (I.E. Cole Turner)
#708090 Darklighters
#20B2AA Actors
#F08080 Actresses
#FF4500 Music
#FF0000 Locations - buildings
#00FF7F Locations - Natural (Parks, Cities)
#FFD700 Dubs (I.E. Zauberhafte Hexen)


  • In cases of Halliwell Family members who appear as spirits, use infobox color code for Halliwell Family.

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