The personification of Mother Earth, Gaea, Goddess of the Earth is the daughter of the Greek God Chaos and mother of Father Heaven, personified as Uranus. Together, Gaea and Uranus were the parents of the earliest living creatures, the Titans. Gaea is said to have created three avenging goddesses known as the Erinyes, or more commonlythe Furies, from the blood of Uranus. In modern times, the Furies have evolved into a race of demons that act as Judge, Jury and Executioner to anyone they consider an "Evil Doer".

Piper is Transformed Into GaeaEdit


Piper as Gaea

In 2002, when the Titans were released from their icy imprisonment, Leo Wyatt released the essences of three Greek Gods, Aphrodite, Athena and Gaea and bestowed them upon the Charmed Ones in order to combat the Titans. Piper Halliwell was imbued with the essence of Gaea, transforming her into the Goddess of the Earth and bestowing her with the power over her natural environment, rendering her able to create storms, earthquakes and manipulate all aspects of weather.

With the power, Piper was able to split the earth when the Titans attacked in Halliwell Manor, causing them to be swallowed by the fires of hell. Piper was furious with Leo however, because he agreed to become an Elder, leaving her alone with her new son, Wyatt and after the Titans destruction, she refused to give up the powers and retreated atop San Francisco creating rainfall and storms to express her fury.

When she was tracked down by her sisters Phoebe and Paige, Piper retreated to the Heavens, and demanded to speak to Leo. Leo appeared to Piper, telling her she needed to return Gaea's powers but Piper questioned how Leo could abandon her and their son, pleading with him to return home with her. Leo explained that he needed to remain in the Heavens and tried to assure Piper that she could handle being without him. He told her that is the reason he bestowed her with Gaea's powers, because like Gaea, Piper was extremely grounded and nurturing; that she was a true earth mother. Still wanting Leo to come home with her, Piper returned the power and returned to her normal self, struck with sadness.

Seeing how grief struck Piper was, Leo used magic to make her forget her grief and sadness in hopes that she would be able to move past him and raise their son properly.

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