In the Magical World, a Hierarchy of Magical Beings exists. Each umbrella in the Hierarchy is characterized by beings possessing powers that range from the highest level of magical abilities to the lowest level. Certain magical beings, such as Witches or Sorcerers may be higher or lower in the hierarchy depending upon the knowledge of magic they possess and how proficient they are in channeling their powers; for instance, a neophyte witch will be lower in the hierarchy than an experienced witch that can hone his or her powers.

The HierarchyEdit

  • Angel of Destiny - possess knowledge of the Grand Design, Omnipotent beings that maintain the destinies of all beings
  • The Avatars - cosmic beings that have the power to fold the fabric of time and reality, vanquishable only with ancient potion
  • Demi-Gods and Goddesses - half-human, half-god/goddesses imbued with powers of the Gods
  • The Tribunal - a council of two Upper-Level Demons and two Elders that have the authority to strip the powers of magical beings
  • The Elders - leaders of the Whitelighters who bestow
  • Angel of Death - a cosmic being responsible for claiming the souls of the dead to guide them to the Afterlife
  • The Cleaners - monitors of magic, bestowed with the responsibility of preventing magical exposure through any means possible
  • The Charmed Ones - the most powerful of all Witches
  • The Source of All Evil - the most powerful of all Demons, Leader of the Underworld
  • The Triad - the second most powerful in the Underworld
  • Guardian Angels - angels that guide and protect mortals and magical beings
  • Sorcerers - proficient in the magical arts possessing vast knowledge in spells, potions and rituals
  • Upper-Level Demons - demons that possess a human form, the third highest evil in the Underworld
  • Low-Level Demons - lesser demons with minimal power
  • Whitelighters - guardians of witches and future Whitelighters
  • Darklighters - enemies of Whitelighters
  • Firestarters - magical beings with the ability to create fire with their minds, often trained to be body guards of the Source
  • Warlocks - former witches that have breached the Wiccan Rede, renouncing their humanity
  • Witches - beings with the ability to cast spells, create potions and perform magical rituals
  • Ogres - large beings with minimal powers
  • Leprechauns - residing in the Green Meadow, these magical beings bestow both Good and Bad Luck on living beings
  • Dwarves - creatures with minimal powers, have the ability to break curses and preserve toxin stricken beings
  • Elves - nurturing beings, smaller than Dwarves
  • Trolls - magical tricksters found in tween places possessing a small amount of power
  • Gremlins - magical tricksters with minimal power
  • Fairies - the smallest beings in the magical world possessing minimal power and fairy magic

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