The Mini Cooper

A silver and black Mini Cooper created by BMW in 2003, Phoebe Halliwell's Car was a car owned by Charmed One Phoebe Halliwell purchased by the young witch after learning of her sister Piper Halliwell's pregnancy.

First ViewEdit

The car was first seen when Phoebe was leaving her workplace the Bay Mirror; she walked to her car in a parking garage when a Mermaid, known as Mylie appeared before her, requesting her protection from a demonic being called the Sea Hag. As a car drove by splashing Mylie, Mylie's leg reverted to her Mermaid tail and she fell to the ground. Phoebe then picked up the Mermaid and placed her in the Mini Cooper as the Sea Hag materialized. Phoebe got in her car and sped off, driving through the Sea Hag, who burst into a colum of water falling a top the car as it sped off.


A notable instance where the car was seen again was when Phoebe was outside her workplace and attacked by a powerful demon from Ancient Egypt that resurfaced in San Francisco known as Jeric.

As Phoebe approached her car, Jeric was leaning against it waiting for her. She tried to defend herself against the demonbut he grabbed her and dematerialized with her in a whirlwind of sand, bring her back to his lair in a pyramid in Egypt where he plotted to use her body to store the soul of his lover, Isis.

Mrs. NobleEdit

When the Charmed Ones driveway at Halliwell Manor was with Piper Halliwell and Paige Matthew's vehicles, Phoebe had to park the car in front of the neighbor, Mrs­. Noble's driveway, causing Mrs. Noble to come to Phoebe and ask her to move the car. A parking violations officer pulled up in front of Phoebe's car asked Phoebe if she was the owner of the car, and told her he would have to write her a ticket. Phoebe disputed the ticket, pointing out how Mrs. Nobel large dumpster was taking up half the block. Phoebe told the two she would move the car in a few minutes after she brought her two bags of purchases into the Manor.

Later on after the real world was affected when a spell went awry that brought forth Leo Wyatt and Christopher Halliwell from a parallel world, the parking violations officer and Mrs. Noble arrived at the door of the Manor and the officer shot Phoebe for not moving her car, telling her to make sure it did't happen again. Phoebe was later healed by Leo and the world was corrected.