Prue Halliwell and Andy Trudeau's Spot
Location Information
Proper Name Golden Gate Park - presumably
Plane Physical Plance
Location San Francisco
Prue and Andy would meet to discuss both personal and magical situations here
Love Hurts & Déjà Vu All Over Again
Prue Halliwell: "So I take it we're not here for the same reason we used in high school?"
Andy Trudeau: "Unfortunately, no."
Prue Halliwell: "Makes me kinda wish for the good old days."
— Prue and Andy meet at the location for the first time since High School

A quite, secluded location presumably in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Prue Halliwell and Andy Trudeau's spot consists of a swing seat connected to a large evergreen via two ropes and is shaded by surrounding evergreen and oak trees.


Prue and Andy discuss Rodriguez

Previously, in high school, Prue and Andy would meet at their spot to meet secretly and make out without people interrupting them. After Andy found out he was being investigated by Internal Affairs due to how Prue is constantly involved in his cases, the two met at the spot so that Andy could inform Prue of the situation and he told her to be careful because it was possible she too was being investigated.

Phoebe's Premonition


Prue and Andy discuss Phoebe's premonition

When Phoebe Halliwell has a Premonition of Andy being killed, Prue met with Andy at their spot to inform him of the premonition. There, Andy questioned Prue if Phoebe's premonitions have ever been wrong and he suggests that the evil being who kills him is possible Inspector Rodriguez from Internal Affairs. Prue tells Andy that Rodriguez has scheduled a meeting with Prue at the Manor that night at 6pm and she is adamant about Andy staying away from the Manor at all costs. Andy declines staying away but Prue threatens to use her power on him and Andy promises to stay away from the Manor.

Andy's Death


Prue & Andy say goodbye

After Andy's death at the Manor while Prue is knocked unconscious she appears in the spot where Andy is waiting. The spot is surrounded by fog and the two discuss what has happened. Prue questions where she is and what has happened, Andy informs her that he broke his promise and came to the Manor that night and was killed by Rodriguez. He tells Prue that she and her sisters have to break the Time Loop they are trapped within. Prue says its not fair and vows to avenge his death and kill Rodriguez, Andy tells her not to because she is not a murderer and if she does, his death will be in vain. Andy tells Prue that he will always be with her and that he loves her. They kiss goodbye and Prue wakes up.

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