Rodriguez Demon01
Just before attacking Inspector Anderson
General Information
Alias Inspector Rodriguez
Species Demon
Level Upper-Level
Status Vanquished
Alignment Evil
Eye Color Brown (Human), Red (Demon)
Hair Color Black
Ethnicity Latino/Hispanic
Magical Characteristics
Active Powers
Energy Balls

Sonic Scream

Enhanced Senses


The Source of All Evil

Inspector Anderson

It is unknown if "Rodriguez" is his actual name
Season 1
The Power of Two

Love Hurts

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Portrayed By
Carlos Gomez


Posing As an InspectorEdit

Investigating Andy TrudeauEdit

Investigating the Halliwell SistersEdit

Interrogating and Threatening AndyEdit

Framing AndyEdit

Attempt to Frame Prue HalliwellEdit

Killing Inspector AndersonEdit

Working with TempusEdit

First Attempt to Kill The Charmed OnesEdit

Kit Senses EvilEdit

Rodriguez Kills Phoebe HalliwellEdit

Prue Destroys HimEdit

Time is Rewound For the First TimeEdit

Rodriguez Kills Piper and Phoebe HalliwellEdit

Prue Destroys HimEdit

Time is Rewound For the Second TimeEdit

Rodriguez Kills Andy TrudeauEdit

Accelerating TimeEdit

Prue Lets Him GoEdit

Attempt to Kill PrueEdit

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