Shadow moments before killing Ariel

A former Familiar who betrayed his witch causing him to transform into a warlock, Shadow sought to shed all of his past nine lives in order to achieve immortality. However, in his quest for immortality, he was destroyed by the Halliwell sisters.

Quick FactsEdit

Species: Warlock, Familiar
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: White

Betraying ArielEdit

Before transforming into a Warlock, Shadow served as a familiar to a witch known as Ariel. But one night when Ariel was performing a magical ritual, Shadow was atop a cabinet and he knocked various vials of potions down, and as Ariel told Shadow not to, he jumped into the spilled potions and suddenly took on the shape of a man, transforming into an evil warlock. He then killed his former mistress.

Phoebe's EncounterEdit

While Charmed One Phoebe Halliwell was shoe-shopping at Fashion One Shoes she went to hand the shoe salesman a shoe, but Shadow appeared and grabbed the shoe from her hand. Phoebe then tried to defend herself against the warlock and managed to use her combat skills against him. But then he held out his hand at her, causing her to levitate into the air and then he pulled his arm back causing Phoebe to fall to the floor, she then grabbed a a stilletto and threw it at Shadow. The heel struck him in the forehead, causing him to burst into oblivion, causing Phoebe to think that he was truly vanquished.

Piper and Leo's EncounterEdit

While Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt were at a shop getting boxes for a possible move from the Manor she was considering, she was placing the boxes in her jeep when Shadow appeared and tried to attack her. She managed to fend him off and stabbed him with a box cutter causing him to burst into oblivion.

Prue's EncounterEdit

The details about Prue's encounter with the warlock are unknown but while she was away from Halliwell Manor, he attacked her and she managed to defeat him. When she returned home, Piper and Phoebe told her that they encountered and vanquished the same warlock.

First Attack at the ManorEdit

After returning to the Manor, the sisters explained their encounter with the Warlock and he appeared attempting to attack the three women. The sisters then impaled the creature destroying him for a fourth time.

The Charmed Ones' SeanceEdit

After trying to find an answer in the Book of Shadows, the pages flipped to the entry on How to Perform a Seance, a ceremony to contact the dead. The sisters decided to perform the ritual and the spirit of Ariel appeared. She revealed that Shadow was her Familiar and it betrayed her, explaining that when a Familiar betrays their witch, they transform into a warlock. They then have until the next New Moon to shed all of their lives to gain immortality, in Shadow's case, since he was a cat, he had to shed all nine of his former lives. She didn't know of a way to vanquish the warlock however, only that it had to be done quickly.

Attack at the RestaurantEdit

While the Charmed Ones were at a restaurant trying to determine a way to truly destroy the warlock, he appeared and the three sisters told him that they weren't going to vanquish him. But he grabbed a woman and asked the sisters if they were sure about that. He then stabbed the young woman and Prue telekinetically impaled the warlock with a knife, vanquishing him. They then called for help for the young woman.

Attacks at the ManorEdit

At the Manor, Shadow attacked again and Prue quickly vanquished him as he screamed in agony. He then attacked two more times at the Manor resulting in the three sisters having to kill him.


The Charmed Ones realized that if they could freeze Shadow in the moment of the vanquish, when he feels pain, and magnify it, it just may be enough to vanquish him once and for all. With a potion created and a spell written, the sisters proceeded downstairs where Shadow burst through the front door. Thinking he would achieve his immortality, he incited the sisters to attack him and Prue telekinetically blasted a fire pick into Shadow's chest and Piper froze him. The three then threw a potion at the warlock while reciting their spell causing nine cats to engulf him, vanquishing him into the oblivion. The spell used read:

Nine times this warlock's cheated death,
Felt no pain and kept its breath.
The warlock standing in our midst,
Show him now what he has missed.