A Creeper sits at the Round Table

Dwelling in the slivers of night, the Creeper Demons are cloaked demons with white flesh that possess an irregular facial shape emphasized by eyeless eye sockets and no mouth. Having no eyes or mouth implies that the Creepers have an ability to sense magical prey.

Although not much is known of Creeper Demons, it is plausible they feed on the spirits of the magical dead or harness an energy from them because Piper Halliwell sought to vanquish a Creeper before summoning the spirits of the Matriarchs of the Halliwell Line for her son, Wyatt's Wiccanning.

Summoning the CreepersEdit

In preparation for her son's Wiccaning, Piper summoned and vanquished various breeds of demons, these included the Creepers. While alone in the Attic, Piper found a summoning spell in the Book of Shadows and a vanquish potion and then called on Paige Matthews to help summon the creature.

The Creeper appeared behind them and Piper threw her potion at the demon, causing him to burst into flames.

The SpellEdit

The spell used to summon the Creeper was:

Demons who dwell
in slivers of night,
Uncloak your shadows
to witches sight.

Piper's Round TableEdit

After retrieving the Sword of Excalibur, Piper became the target of magical being known as Mordaunt. As he trained Piper in combative skills revolving around the Sword, he placed her under a spell that caused her to turn against her sisters and select demonic beings to be a part of her Round Table. Amongst these demons was a Creeper Demon, a Banshee and a Grimlock.

However, Mordaunt turned on Piper and sought the power for himself, and killed the Creeper and other demons selected in an attempt to steal their powers.

The Book of ShadowsEdit

Although never seen, since Piper stated that she acquired the vanquish from the Book of Shadows, it implies there is an entry in the Book about Creeper Demons.

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