The Valkyries, a powerful race of Demi-Goddesses, scout the grounds of major battles and wars collecting the souls of army men and immensely strong warriors

The Valkyrie Mist captures a soul

that they feel will assist them in the Final World Battle. The Valkyries bring the souls of these warriors to their home of Valhalla where they train and prepare the men for the Final Battle.

Although unconfirmed, the Final World Battle is believed to be an event where all Evil and Demonic Beings will rise and walk the earth, uniting their leaders and loyal subjects in an attempt to obliterate the Forces of Good. It will be the final war against Good and Evil, where one or none will rise victorious.

The Final World Battle is comparable to Armageddon, a cataclysmic battle in which Satan will rise from Hell and unite the Kings of the Earth against God's appointed King, Jesus Christ.

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