I'm watching one of my all time fave episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season Three, Episode One - Anne. Sarah Michelle Gellar looks AMAZING with the strawberry blond with chucks of light blond in front. I love the line Rickie says in the diner "Don't be stupid, we gotta eat healthy. We can't have cake. Can we get pie?" When Buffy returns to her mother's doorstep at the end - PRICELESS. The episode is well written, great acting from Sarah and the entire cast and it is just like I said, an AMAZING episode. Next up is Spiral - Season Five, Episode 20 ... another great episode. Glory was such a bitch but I love when she gets hit by the vehicle.

Anne 101
Anne 096
Anne 147
Anne 148
Anne 435
Anne 515
Anne 527

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