I am so tired of reading ridiculous comments about categories by childish, mediocre administrators with holier than thou attitudes on other wikis bitching and moaning about categories every time a user wants to add a category to an article. It is completely hypocritical, childish and absolutely idiotic to not allow people to add categories THAT FIT on certain articles. According to the admin, she has the ultimate say and only her ideas are discussed; if a user has an idea it is turned down because it doesn't align with her cognitive processes. She needs to get over categories and GET OVER HERSELF, it is harmless adding necessary categories that further identify beings, places, objects, etc. To users on this wiki - add any categories you see fit to articles, such as "Vanquished", "Vanquished by Phoebe Halliwell", "Phoebe Halliwell's Temporary Powers", etc, etc.

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