My personal belief is that an editor on a wiki should have to work towards the privilege to be an administrator; they should have to contribute significantly to the wiki they wish to be an administrator on, earning the status after many edits on the wiki. Some bureaucrats just hand out the administrator privilege to users who have contributed diddly squat to a wiki, which I think is completely ludicrous. Without mentioning names, there is an admin on a certain wiki who was given admin privileges for contributing absolutely nothing useful to a wiki, the admin continuously abuses the capabilities that come with the admin status and still continues to contribute insignificantly to a wiki belittling other users' ideas about what should be done on said wiki. In fact the user who is now an admin completely trashed the bureaucrat of the wiki, was blocked, continued to trash the bureaucrat on another wiki and then she came back to the wiki, and blocked a user for doing completely the same thing she did - 100% hypocritical if you ask me. But, back to the point, like all things in life, administrator status is something you have to work for and earn. Awarding laziness is plain ridiculous. Users who contribute greatly to a wiki, creating articles, fixing articles, correcting mistakes, etc are the one who deserve the title admins, not neophyte users who let power go to their head and contribute only disdain and criticism to the ideas of users.

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