With less than two weeks until the highly anticipated worldwide release of Lady GaGa's album, “Born This Way”, an honesty box presented by Gaga has been set up for you little monsters to ensure that the album is not ruined for other little monsters before its release.

To help in the fight against leaks from “Born This Way” travelling to many sources around the internet, Lady GaGa and many fansites are working together to help. If you find a leak, or would like to tell Lady GaGa about a leak that has become popular, please report it to This is a private and confidential e-mail address where you can report said leaks anonymously. Whoever you report will NOT be “attacked” for any information or material they have. This is to ensure that leaks are stopped in a fair and respectful manner.

If you choose to listen to said leaks, please do so privately. Do not spread it around the internet. Remember, this is not to prosecute or to get anyone in trouble. This is to ensure we all work together, as a little monster family. Paws up!

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