Contrary to what some teenagers think, liking someone has absolutely no correlation with being a community and working together. In the real world - the world where you don't see the world through rose colored glasses while hanging onto your mother purse strings and fathers coat tails - it is completely irrelevant if you like someone you work with or have to compromise with. A teenagers typical mindset is "I'm going to surround myself only with people I like, who agree with me" ... NEWS FLASH! That is not how the real world works. Each and everyone of you who reads this will undoubtedly work with or for someone you don't see eye to eye with, who will dispute your thoughts and disagree with you. THIS IS NOT MEANT AS A PERSONAL ATTACK. They may disagree with you and dispute their mindset endlessly, again, it is nothing against you, it's called standing up for and defending your thought processes. When you enter the actual adult world, it is cut throat, you can simply block someone who disagrees with you or dislikes you ... that's life. Certain people on wikia choose to block people for merely expressing different views, enjoy it while it lasts, like I said, that is not how the real world works. In the real world, you have to compromise, work out your issues and come to a place slightly before or after the line, rather than on the line. You can't force people to conform to your way of thinking, you can't say, "oh you disagree with me, so I'll block you. You argue your points, so I will cut you out of my life". Life is about meeting people half way, not trying to have everything your own specific way. In university, college, at your employers, even in the neighborhood you choose to establish your home in, there will people who challenge you and question you and argue their case in disagreement with you. You can't block them out of your life like people do on wikis; people who think they can merely exist in some fantasy world where they run away from issues thinking it will solve the problem are in for a big surprise when they enter the real world. It will be a pathetic existence if you merely try to shut people out for simply stating their case and disagreeing with you. You do not have to like or be friends with someone to co-exist in the same space with them, thinking you have to be all nicey-nice and agree on everything 100% of the time is child's play, completely juvenile thinking.

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