A certain user keeps referring to me as a troll for checking things on Charmed Wiki ... so what exactly does that make users from Charmed Wiki who come on here, read blogs I post and other stuff I am doing and then email one another discussing things I have said? Another example of her infantile hypocrisies showing she is incapable of being an admin on a wiki like Charmed Wiki. So presuming that a user will tell the undeserving little ogre what this blog says ... if I am a troll for checking back on Charmed Wiki, what exactly does that make the bureaucrats of Charmed Wiki for checking back on Charmed Legacy? Unlike the admin in question, I actually contributed significantly to Charmed Wiki over the years, what the hell have you done other than delete a few categories and request a few things from wiki support? All the bureaucrats and other admins earned their status on Charmed Wiki, you have not. Furthermore, you are the one prolonging the hostility towards me and the admins + bureaucrats on Charmed Wiki. Contrary to your mentality, in the real world, when we have a problem with someone we discuss the situation, the ways to improve and then try to get along by making compromises. In the real world, we don't just shut someone out who we disagree with or don't like. Obviously you don't live in the real world and clearly you must be sociopathic because no one in their right mind blocks people out just because they don't see eye to eye on something.

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