Head over to to learn how you can win Born This Way prize packs!! For the next 14 days until the release of Born This Way a contest involving Twitter is being held. Each day take to your twitter and tweet the title of one of the 14 songs on the standard edition of Born This Way in order they appear on the album! For instance, tomorrow tweet MarryTheNight with the number sign in front so that it trends on twitter, Tuesday would be BornThisWay, Wednesday GovernmentHooker. Remember to tweet it with number sign in front. Head over to gaganews and GaGa's twitter for the tracklisting from the standard edition. Also go to gaganewsdotcom on twitter and follow them so they know who you are. In the tweets don't forget to include @gaganewsdotcom. The title can be written itself or in a phrase, such as "I can't wait to hear #MarryTheNight by @ladygaga @gaganewsdotcom". Again it is CRUCIAL that you follow @gaganewsdotcom. Good Luck!!

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